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Ceramic Media Tumbling is ideal  for metal parts that need a specific look between vapour blasting and traditional glass or sand blasting. The Tumbler much like the name implies tumbles the part for several hours gentling scoring and deburring the part. One of the main attractions to the process is the incredible natural finish in provides, closely resembling fresh stamped metal parts, much like factory installed assemblies on classic cars from  previous era's like the '50's, '60's and '70's

Vapour Blasting is a wet ceramic media that is more gentle on metal parts and gives the part a semi-polished look as opposed the traditional white look of standard glass media blasting. It is the ideal way to restore aluminum or some metal/steel parts. Vapour blasting delivers a more natural finish to, unpainted parts mimicking factory style finishes. It is the perfect way to treat an Aluminum Transmission or Alternator case for example. It can also be used on suspension and or steering parts, and yields a concur type finish. Strongly recommended for any project that needs that extra step to set it above most restorations

Zinc and Manganese  Phosphating is a process that restores factory correct finishes to many automotive parts like fasteners and small brackets and other parts that the factory did not paint or plate. The process provides a thin yet affective shield that prevents rust and preserves the part one time. In many cases fasteners are something that judges and buyers look for when inspecting classic cars as they can indicate a vehicles pedigree to some some degree. Highly advised on any factory style restoration where you want to highlight original detailing


We offer a full range of various media blasting techniques, but the first step in almost all areas of restoration is restoring a fresh raw finish to the part before taking it to the next step, be it paint, plating, phosphating or what have you. We can media blast parts up to 3 feet in length and offer glass media for most metal parts as well at Garnett/Sand for cast iron and very rusty yet robust parts requiring serious stripping of paint and or powder coating.





We offer Zinc and CAD plating services for small parts and fasteners that requires a brighter or more durable protection. Ideal for factory restorations or custom builds that want a clean and durable coating. Parts can be finished in CAD which is a duller finish than Zinc, but well suited to certain parts that should not have a bright finish. Zinc is a brighter finish, not a bright as chrome but has a typical factory finish on most brands of automobile. Zinc/CAD is durable and won't scratch or fade over time. A worthwhile investment on any project, especially when using original nuts and bolts and small parts 



We offer a CAD/Gold Dichromate plating process as well as Black, Olive Daub Oxide Plating. Depending on the make of your classic car usage of the various finishes will vary. However most cars have a combination of various finishes. Gold Dichromate looks similar to some anodized finishes, but is an entirely different process. Having the correct  finishes on your car can really make the difference on your restoration as it will highlight the attention to detail. Some commonly plated items are GM Brake Boosters & Master Cylinder Covers and other parts that don't get painted at the factory in favour of this more durable and unique process

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